Rapid Assault Tactics DVD – Paul Vunak

DVD-RATLearn Street-Fighting Skills At Your Convenience

Do you want to learn how to fight in the streets for protection but have no time? Instructional fighting videos are what you need. They are less expensive than self-defense classes, and can be learned quickly even by those with no previous fighting experience.

The Rapid Assault Tactics DVD – Paul Vunak video teaches a simple fighting system used by the FBI, CIA and Navy SEALS. You need not be as physically fit as them, but you will become as skilled, deadly and efficient in disposing of the enemy.

With Vunak, you learn the eight basic tools of JKD that will stop the fight immediately, and has a success rate of 95% in any street brawls. Protect yourself and your loved ones even when you are not big and strong.

The Rapid Assault Tactics DVD – Paul Vunak video uses an easy-to-learn method of teaching even the most inexperienced individual highly effective skills for survival when confronted with danger.